Zeus Has Delivered Dependable Innovation for Almost 50 Years

At Zeus, we’re innovators. Just like you. 

We were among the first to work in the arena of minimally invasive techniques for revolutionary procedures such as neuromodulation. Our PEEK drawn fiber offers a non-metallic replacement for stainless steel. And when a major aircraft manufacturer needed an immediate design change on a harness assembly, Zeus delivered in record time.

Zeus has vast experience in medicine, aerospace, energy exploration, automotive, fiber optics and more allowing you to leap past “can’t” and into “how”.

What makes us different is that we think different. Even though we’re the world’s leading expert in polymer tubing, we’re much more than a polymer tubing company. Zeus solves problems and anticipates innovation. We’re in the business of changing lives.

Our History

Frank P. Tourville, Sr. worked in the polymer extrusion industry for ten years before creating Zeus from a desire to “do it better.” While Zeus quickly established itself as a world leader providing high-performance polymer extrusions and solutions, our rapid, sustained growth is rooted in a commitment to improving industries and lives.

Zeus is Everywhere You Are

Zeus touches just about every major industry in the world. Our products make everyday life better, faster, safer. You’ll find Zeus technology in your backyard grill and automobile. You’ll find us in the aircraft taking you where you need to go and the hand of the surgeon saving your life. Our research facilities are surpassed only by the enthusiasm and commitment of our people.

Why Choose Zeus As An Innovation Partner?

When your product and reputation are on the line, you want the best. No other company in the world delivers the consistency, dependability and unrivaled innovation of Zeus.

Medical Markets


  • Cardiovascular/Neurovascular/Peripheral
  • CRM/Electrophysiology
  • PTCA
  • Embolic/Distal Protection Devices
  • Structural Heart Repair
  • Renal Denervation


  • GI/Endoscopy
  • Diabetes Management
  • Oncology
  • Brachytherapy
  • ENT
  • Women’s Health
  • Urology
  • Cosmetic Surgery
  • Neuromodulation
  • Drug Delivery

Catheter Componentry

PTFE   |  PTFE Sub-Lite-Wall®   |   PEEK Drawn Fiber  |   Pebax/Nylon

  • Fusing Sleeves
  • Catheter Liners
  • Jacketing Materials
  • Non-metallic Braiding Materials
  • Wire Guide Coverings
  • Balloon & Stent Protectors
  • Introducer Sheaths
  • Multi-lumen Catheter Tubing
  • Processing /Support Mandrels
  • Customized Tubing

Optimized Tubing Solutions to Improve Yields and Manufacturing Efficiencies

  • Pad Printing
  • Flaring / Flanging
  • Overmolding
  • Custom Etching
  • Drilling / Punching
  • Draw Down
  • Engineered Surface


Zeus Bioabsorbable Extrusions & Microporous Technologies

Absorv® Bioabsorbable Extrusions Aeos® ePTFE Bioweb™ Electrospun Nonwovens

Proven, safe and effective implants

  • Mimics body’s extracellular matrix
  • Provides novel alternatives to traditional materials
  • Unparalleled capabilities
  • Improves patient care and clinical outcomes
  • Reduces/eliminates reinterventions

Custom-Designed Polymer Solutions for Medical Markets

No cutting corners, no rubber-stamping a design. Our leading polymer scientists, engineers and technical account managers stand ready to assist with all your project needs. Customized solutions are available via phone, e-mail or video conferencing. In-person consults available on the Zeus campus or we’ll come to you! Contact Us.




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  • Electrospun Polymer Solutions For Controlled Biological Interaction: Bioweb™ Technology
    Electrospun Polymer Solutions For Controlled Biological Interaction: Bioweb™ Technology

    Zeus offers Bioweb™ electrospinning technology that produces polymer fiber solutions with thickness ranging from nanoscale to microscale sizes. These fibers can be used to electrospin fabrics with complex shapes, and produce a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. Possible solutions include encapsulation technology, spin membranes/sheets, and 3-D structures for coating substrates of varying shapes and sizes.

  • Expanded PTFE Profiles For Medical And Industrial Applications: Aeos® ePTFE
    Expanded PTFE Profiles For Medical And Industrial Applications: Aeos® ePTFE

    Aeos® ePTFE tubing from Zeus is composed of solid nodes that are interconnected by a matrix of extremely thin fibrils. It is manufactured by expanding PTFE tubing during the manufacturing process, which alters the properties of the tubing by creating microscopic pores in the structure of the material. This tubing is the most flexible tubing Zeus offers, making it ideal for medical devices, electronic insulators, high performance filters, and other medical and industrial applications.

  • Absorv® Bioabsorbable Polymers
    Absorv® Bioabsorbable Polymers

    Bioabsorbables are capable of safely existing in the body for controlled lengths of time before absorbing without causing any harm or adverse reactions. The Absorv® biomaterial platform is optimized for the development of a wide variety of medical products for preventative care and disease treatments. The ever expanding list of applications includes orthopedic, dental, surgical, stents, and tissue engineering.

  • Specialized Production Services For Advanced Medical Applications
    Specialized Production Services For Advanced Medical Applications

    Zeus is equipped with the ability to produce an array of secondary/value-add production services for advanced medical applications. These include solutions such as tubing with flares (accessibility), flanges (mechanical stop), etching (bonding), pad printing (graphics, text), and other secondary services that allow for the optimization of materials to the precise requirements of each application.

  • Engineered Surface Tubing
    Engineered Surface Tubing

    Zeus offers Engineered Surface Tubing designed specifically for the neurostimulation treatment of Dystonia; a neurological movement disorder primarily related to Parkinson’s disease. This surface tubing features highly lubricated surfaces, making treatment delivery easier for surgeons and safer for patients.

  • FluoroPEELZ™ Peelable Heat Shrink
    FluoroPEELZ™ Peelable Heat Shrink

    Zeus offers the FluoroPEELZ™ peelable heat shrink designed with quick and easy peel away capabilities to improve product efficiency and safety, and to accelerate catheter production.


  • Understanding Drawn Fiber: Polymers, Process, And Properties

    Drawn fiber is an improved performance monofilament based on extrusion technology and found in a wide array of applications such as over-braiding for hoses, weaves as mist eliminators, medical braiding, instrument and racquet string, and strengthening for industrial belting applications. 

  • Biocompatibility Of Plastics

    Unique manufacturability and production properties in plastics are increasingly being utilized in the development of medical devices and medical packaging. This article discusses material biocompatibility, as well as the tested biocompatibility of plastics in medical devices.

  • Sutures And AEOS ePTFE Monofilament

    One of the most successful synthetic materials with suture applications has been PTFE and its variant, expanded PTFE (ePTFE). ZEUS now offers Aeos ePTFE suture monofilament for safe and effective surgical interventions while being readily obtainable for non-exclusive or unbranded use.

  • Understanding Liquid Crystal Polymers And Zeus LCP Monofilament

    Liquid crystal polymers (LCPs) have been adapted to a variety of uses, including the development of catheters in the medical industry. This article discusses the use of LCPs and how ZEUS has exploited their properties to produce a monofilament fiber for the construction of a fully MRI-compatible catheter.

  • A New Look At PTFE And Thin-Walled Catheter Liners

    ZEUS has improved upon PTFE extrusion technology by producing an ultra-thin-walled PTFE catheter liner for the Sub-Lite-Wall® StreamLiner™ series. These liners make for a sturdier, more robust finished device while retaining sufficient functional properties such as torquability pushability, and flexibility.

  • Introduction To Liquid Crystal Polymers

    Liquid polymer crystals are important in day to day use, especially in medical device fields and applications. This article introduces liquid crystal polymers and discusses their origin, structures, behaviors, and uses in thermoplastics and fibers with potentially broad applications.

  • A PEEK Into The Future

    With the paradigm shift in patient treatment from surgical-based procedures to minimally invasive surgeries, extrusion advancements in invasive medical devices and procedural-based innovation are occurring on a daily basis.

  • How Tubing Innovators Are Changing the Landscape Around Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS)

    Clinicians and medtech leaders are constantly trying to find more ways to employ minimally invasive surgery (MIS) in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The challenge is to create a different path to access anatomy that was previously accomplished in open procedures and surgeries.  

  • Putting On A Show: Suppliers Find New Ways to Draw An Audience And Educate Customers

    As the consumer market changes from sales driven marketing to the demanding, more meaningful content and engagement exchange with suppliers, polymer tubing suppliers have needed to change their traditional business methods. 

  • Asking The Experts: Medical Tubing

    Since it is virtually impossible to keep track of the smallest details of each component of a device design, engineers look to expertise from their supply and service partners for their components. This article focuses on medical tubing, with questions from peers in the industry answers provided tubing experts.