Supply Chain Traceability is Going Digital [What You Can Do to Prepare]
April 4, 2019 - Fremont CA US

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Overview: Recall requires traceability data that tells what food is in the stream, where it is located and recall systems must be able to provide such information in real time. Reducing recall time means reducing illness, the loss of life and damage to the industry's reputation. Why should you Attend: In this session, you will learn how to tie those data requirements and other food safety information to your traceability system and to work with your supply chain to provide an effective implementation. This digital traceability session will cover the nature and advantages of supply chain digital traceability and many of the concepts as well as the current and future hardware and software technological innovations. Areas Covered in the Session: Data In the Cloud vs Data Privately Held Linking Traceability to Food Safety and Recall Data Item, Case, Pallet and Container Level Traceability Identity, Temperature, Location, Inventory and Maintenance Data Bar Code, Wireless, RFID, Cell Phone, Satellite Who Will Benefit: Drivers Storage Managers Food Processors Food Safety and Quality Personnel Food Carriers and Logistics Specialists Speaker Profile: Dr. John Ryan's quality system career has spanned the manufacturing, food, transportation and Internet industries over the past 30 years. He has worked and lived extensively throughout Asia and the U.S. at the corporate and facility levels for large and small companies as a turn-around specialist. Event Fee: One Dial-in One Attendee Price: US $150.00 Contact Detail: Compliance4All DBA NetZealous, Phone: +1-800-447-9407 Email:

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