How COVID-19 traumatized the Workforce and how to Overcome it and move Forward

August 5, 2021 - CA US


Overview: After a global pandemic, we are now experiencing a totally different way to think, work and travel. COVID-19 wreaked havoc on our workforce and our lives for over a year. Now that we are aiming to go back to some semblance of what we consider normal, managers are finding that the people they used to lead just aren't the same. Motivations have changed and how we need to manage, and lead need to change as well. This webinar covers the main issues behind the obvious changes in our workplaces as well as how to deal with the significant workplace culture shift. We will look at deal with different forms of personal, organizational and societal grief and PTSD from their grief. Equally as important we will discuss, discover and provide tools to help managers lead in new ways, both in person, remotely as well as in hybrid situations. Finally, we will discuss success metrics, where to set goals and how we can celebrate!

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