Are you ready for the Auditor? Secrets You Need to Know to Survive the Audit

November 14, 2019 - Middletown DE US

Compliance Key

Topic : Are you ready for the Auditor? Secrets You Need to Know to Survive the Audit Register : Discount Coupon : Use This Coupon (NEW2COMPLIANCE) and get (10% Off) On New Signup Overview It happens every year. Year-end is quickly approaching and that means putting the financial statements together and getting everything ready for the auditor. You can't avoid it, but you can make it an easier and less stressful.This course will look at every section of the balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and the notes in order to anticipate what the external auditor will ask. The amount and type of documentation will be suggested for helping the auditor. Areas Covered in the Session : Key information and documentation the auditor always wants What else could the auditor ask for? How much should you tell the auditor? What not to say to the auditor Knowing what the auditor will ask your boss and be ready Getting ready in case the auditor asks you details about your organization's accounting policies Speaker Profile : Mike Morley, Keynote speaker at ComplianceKey. He is a Certified Public Accountant, business author Mike Morley is an entertaining and informative speaker and a recognized authority in the field of finance.Mike offers various training programs, such as IFRS, SOX, and Financial Statement Analysis that focus on providing continuing education opportunities for finance and accounting professionals."IFRS Simplified", which provides a jump start for accountants and finance executives who want to quickly and easily get up to date on IFRS. "Sarbanes-Oxley Simplified," which is an easy-to-read explanation of the requirements of the U.S. legislation that makes CEO's & CFO's personally responsible for the accuracy of their company's financial statements. Contact Info : Compliance Key Email : Phone : +1 717-208-8666

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