MedTech Management Masterclass 2019

July 2 - 3, 2019 - Zurich SK

NextLevel Life Sciences

Perfect for Startups and Smaller MedTech companies looking to achieve rapid growth or even executives from larger MedTech who want a chance to refine & benchmark their strategy. The expert workshop leaders will help you get hands on and apply strategy so that you know the path to commercial success for your devices! As this is a small scale event, numbers are limited 5 Reasons to attend (Senior Medtech Industry Executives) 1. Rewind and learn from the subject-matter experts and experienced practitioners of how to commercialise your medical device product 2. Avoid the mistakes others have made in the past: Ensure you have the right clinical and economic evidence before it’s too late 3. Appreciate how to satisfy key customers and stakeholders such as regulators, payers, physicians and patients! 4. Understand how your sales, distributors and marketing teams can maximise customer awareness, engagement and enthusiasm in the most cost-effective manner 5. Broaden your skillset and know-how and ensure that you have these critical boxes ticked: Regulatory, clinical, market access, sales, distribution and marketing strategy.

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