6-Hour Virtual Seminar on Understanding the New USP Chapter 1224 for Transfer of Analytical Methods

September 16, 2021 - CA US



Overview: So far there has not been an official guidance on what exactly is expected to maintain 'the validated state'. Now the USP has published a proposal for a general chapter <1224>. Also the FDA has released an official guidance on how to conduct and document method transfer. The new USP chapter will become official with USP 35. Now it is a good time to learn how to conduct and document method transfer. This seminar will give a good understanding of USP and FDA requirement and provide recommendations and tools for effective implementation. Reference Material: For easy implementation, attendees will receive SOP: Transfer of Analytical Methods Checklist: Transfer of Analytical Methods and Procedures Master Plan template and examples: - Transfer of Analytical Methods and procedures Agenda: FDA and International expectations for method transfer Examples of FDA warning letters and how to avoid them The FDA Guidance on method transfer The proposal for a new USP chapter <1224>: history, status, future Four approaches for analytical method transfer and testing Responsibilities of the transferring and receiving laboratory Developing a transfer plan and a pre-approval protocol Conducting comparative studies Criteria and approaches for risk based testing: what, when, how much? The importance and selection of acceptance criteria Dealing with technology transfer: validation requirements, regulatory notification. Method transfer from standard HPLC to UHPLC Most likely failures during method transfer Handling deviations from documented acceptance criteria Criteria for transfer waiver (omission of formal transfer)

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