2021 Regulations! What Should Be Included in Your Employee Handbook to be Compliant!

November 30, 2020 - DE US

Compliance Key

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Topic : 2021 Regulations! What Should Be Included in Your Employee Handbook to be Compliant! Register : https://www.compliancekey.us/webinar/1728/employee-handbook/source_medln Offer : (10% Off) On New Signup Overview Employers must get prepared for all the employment regulations scheduled to be effective 2021 and beyond. Federal regulations have increased more this year than previous years. Both Federal and State regulations have at times been at odds with each other. The Department of Labor (DOL) has increased their efforts to audit companies who have not updated their policies & workplace regulations. Areas Covered in the Session : Participants will learn, identify and prepare for employee handbook violations Participants will be aware of all the new regulations that will impact their company The course will identify the most common employee handbook violations and how to mitigate them Learn what five employee handbook policies do more to reduce risk when added to your handbook New Employee Handbook changes established in June 2018 that help Employers! Speaker Profile : Margie Faulk Keynote Speaker at ComplianceKey. she is a senior level human resources professional with over 14 years of HR management and compliance experience. A former Compliance Officer for a defense contracting technologies firm, Margie has worked as an HR and Compliance advisor for major corporations and small businesses in the small, large, private, public and Non-profit sectors. Contact Info : Compliance Key https://www.compliancekey.us/ Email : support@compliancekey.us Phone : +1 717-208-8666

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