HIPAA Changes 2021: What's New?

January 14, 2021 - DE US

Compliance Key


Topic : HIPAA Changes 2021: What's New? Register : http://compliancekey.com/webinar/1732/hipaa-updates-for-2021/source_mdord Offer : (10% Off) On New Signup Overview: This webinar starts with the basics of the privacy, security, and beach notification rules for health care providers. We explain how HIPAA rules protect the privacy and security of protected health information and provide individual patients with certain rights to their own health information. Health care practitioners play an important role in protecting the privacy and security of patient information. Areas Covered in the Session : HIPAA basics for providers The privacy rule The security rule The breach notification rules Privacy rule updates for 2021 HITECH compliance in 2021 Right of access initiative Patient identifier Non-compliance penalties for 2021 COVID-19 and telehealth updates Community-based testing for COVID-19 Bonus! Bad HIPAA advice in the age of COVID-19 and medical privacy in the media Speaker Profile : Mark R. Brengelman, Attorney at Law is Keynote Speaker at Compliance Key. He worked as the assigned counsel to numerous health professions licensure boards as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Moving to private practice, he now helps private clients in a wide variety of contexts who are professionally licensed. Contact Info : Compliance Key https://www.compliancekey.com/ Email : support@compliancekey.us Phone : +1 717-208-8666

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