2020 Regulations : Building an Employee Handbook that Works

May 28, 2020 - DE US

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Topic :2020 Regulations : Building an Employee Handbook that WorksRegister :https://www.ijonaskills.us/webinarDetails?webinarid=716&speakerid=206&domain=4&source=MDO_RDDiscount Coupon : Use this Coupon (NEW2COMPLIANCE) and get (10% Off) On New SignupOverview:In this fast-moving training, attorney, author and speaker, Don Phin, will take us through the basics of handbook compliance. Don will remind us about the importance of staying compliant with a wide range of laws, including those promulgated by Federal, State and Municipal governing bodies, along with the myriad of regulations and case laws surrounding the interpretation of those laws.Areas Covered in the Session :Quick history into the evolution of employee handbooksDon't put your disclaimers before your welcome letterAt-will and other disclaimersHiring and orientationWage and hourPerformance management and disciplineCommunication policiesBenefitsLeave ManagementDiscrimination and HarassmentSafetyBringing your employee handbook to lifeSpeaker:Don Phin is a Keynote Speaker at Ijona Skills. He is a street-wise hero from the Bronx, Don Phin has been a California employment law attorney since 1983. He litigated cases for 17 years and then quit cold-turkey when he realized nobody wins a lawsuit.Contact Info :Ijonskillshttps://www.ijonaskills.usEmail : support@ijonaskills.usPhone : +1 302-830-3132

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