1. mHealth Solution For Clinical Trials Brochure

    Mobile health momentum is building as new technologies emerge. The first steps in your journey — including regulatory strategy and device/data validation —can be challenging.

  2. Validation: A Key Stage In Mobile Health Development

    To enter the rapidly growing mobile health space, companies must overcome the Mobile Health Development-crucial hurdle of validation. This process demonstrates that the app – in combination with the underlying technology platform / device – performs comparably to traditional products on the market, ensuring that patients and providers can rely on the output to make appropriate medical decisions.

  3. The Mobile Health Application Revolution: Tapping Its Potential

    Mobile health applications have the potential to significantly change drug development, clinical trials and the administration of health care.

  4. Developing A Successful Regulatory Strategy For Mobile Health Devices And Applications

    For many technology companies entering the mobile health space, meeting US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements may be unfamiliar territory. The guidelines can appear convoluted and contradictory at first glance, and some devices and/or applications (apps) fall into regulatory grey areas.