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  1. Selection Of The Right Pressure Sensor

    Selecting a pressure sensor for an application includes choosing both the pressure range and the type of pressure measurement. Pressure sensors are designed to measure a certain pressure in comparison to a reference pressure, which can then be divided into absolute, gage, and differential devices. 

  2. LDE/LME Series – Application Advantages

    The LDE/LME series of differential pressure sensors are based on a new and innovative MEMS technology that integrates a micro-flow channel with the silicon sensor chip. They can be optimized for different application requirements depending on whether high sensitivity, high dynamic ranges, or linear output signals are needed. This application note presents several advantages that the LDE/LME series of differential pressure sensors has to offer.

  3. LDE/LME Series – Superior Immunity To Humidity

    This application note experimentally compares LDE/LME differential pressure (Δp) sensors from First Sensor other sensors that use the same (thermal-anemometer-based, non-membrane) sensing principle.