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  1. Selection Of The Right Pressure Sensor

    Selecting a pressure sensor for an application includes choosing both the pressure range and the type of pressure measurement. Pressure sensors are designed to measure a certain pressure in comparison to a reference pressure, which can then be divided into absolute, gage, and differential devices. 

  2. LDE/LME Series – Application Advantages

    The LDE/LME series of differential pressure sensors are based on a new and innovative MEMS technology that integrates a micro-flow channel with the silicon sensor chip. This application note presents several advantages that the LDE/LME series of differential pressure sensors has to offer.

  3. LDE/LME Series – Superior Immunity To Humidity

    This application note experimentally compares LDE/LME differential pressure (Δp) sensors from First Sensor other sensors that use the same (thermal-anemometer-based, non-membrane) sensing principle.