Featured Videos

  1. First Sensor Test And Qualification

    This video presents First Sensor’s test and qualification process using electrical testing, temperature cycling, mechanical shock, vibration/mechanical stress, constant acceleration, and much more.

  2. First Sensor Production Process

    In this video, First Sensor demonstrates their production process for an inertial sensor.

  3. First Sensor Development Process

    This video takes you through a visual, step-by-step progression of the First Sensor development process.

  4. High Sensitivity LDE/LME Low Pressure Sensor Video Demo

    In this video from First Sensor, Dr. Adriano Pittarelli demonstrates the high sensitivity capabilities of the LDE/LME low pressure sensor family.

  5. LDE Differential Pressure Sensor Demo Video

    This video demonstrates First Sensor’s LDE differential pressure sensors from 25 Pa for medical device and HVAC applications.

  6. LDE Pressure Sensor With High Pneumatic Impedance

    In this video, Paul Sharman with First Sensor discusses his company’s solutions for flow and pressure sensing. He also presents information on a new pressure sensor with very high pneumatic impedance, which translates into long-term reliability.