Product Showcase

  1. Medical Light Sources And Components

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging delivers medical light sources to help redefine the boundaries of medical innovation, and provide deeper insights in helping medical experts see more of what is relevant to their diagnoses and therapies. The SCHOTT® IllumaLS light source and the SCHOTT® LED light engine are both part of SCHOTT’s solutions for ambient illumination, surgical illumination, endoscopy, and stereo microscopy applications.

  2. Medical Illumination

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging delivers fiber optic and LED technologies to help redefine the boundaries of medical innovation, and provide deeper insights in helping medical experts see more of what is relevant to their diagnoses and therapies.

  3. High Power RF Pin Diode Switches

    Corry Micronics offers two new RF pin diode switches with operation in the 1 GHz to 1.1 GHz frequency range. The CMSW-SPDTR-1G-5K is a single-pole double-throw (SPDT) hermetically sealed reflective switch, while the CMTRSW-1G1R1G-2K5 is a high power transmit/receive (T/R) switch designed to be used in IFF applications.

  4. Thermal Imaging Cameras For Demanding R&D Applications: FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series

    The FLIR X8000sc/X6000sc Series of thermal imaging cameras is designed to provide the highest levels of thermal measurement performance alongside the most advanced connectivity. The FLIR X8400sc features up to 1280 x 1024 pixels to show the smallest details while assuring excellent measurement accuracy. The FLIR X6580sc has the ability to record up to 255 Hz in full 640 x 512 resolution, and the FLIR X6570sc can record up to 355 Hz using a 160 x 1 subwindow.

  5. Contract Manufacturing Services

    KMC Systems offers decades of experience in manufacturing high-value, complex platforms for use in the clinical environment, including their Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Quality Management Systems (QMS). KMC can partner with customers at any stage of the product’s life cycle, from development to pilot production or full-scale manufacturing, and assume all responsibility for medical contract manufacturing needs.

  6. Engineering And Design Services

    KMC Systems offers decades of experience in solving complex medical engineering and design challenges, and in considering innovative, highly-automated solutions for the development of full-system instrumentation. KMC Systems engineers work collaboratively with customers to achieve optimal interdisciplinary solutions to laboratory automation challenges, Design for Manufacturability and Serviceability (DFM and DFS) challenges, and medical device verification and validation.

  7. Injection Molding

    Details Make the Difference

    West is a preferred supplier of injection molded parts to the world's Fortune 500 customers. From cleanroom manufacturing environments to the latest in process monitoring technology, the West Contract Manufacturing team is continually expanding its capabilities to meet the needs of a changing global market.

  8. Assembly Solutions

    Where It All Comes Together

    For customers seeking value-added assembly, West Contract Manufacturing sites have significant and broad-based experience with assembling products. The team’s experience ranges from multi-component, complex assemblies that are manually assembled to high-speed assembly systems built by some of the world’s leading automation integrators. More than 50 assembly cells are in operation and integrate more than two billion assemblies annually.

  9. Process Development

    A Reliable and Repeatable Process

    The West Contract Manufacturing team uses a scientific, data-driven approach to discover and document the optimum process parameters for every project. Modern injection molding machines are tailored to project specifications and monitored to maximize quality and efficiency. The result is a reliable and repeatable process.

  10. Prototypes And Pre-Production

    Experience and Expertise Matter

    At West Contract Manufacturing sites, engineers take an innovative yet scientific approach to product development. The ability to manufacture a designed product is determined by incorporating expertise in the design and fabrication of molded and assembled components.