Product Showcase

  1. Standard Solutions and Containers

    B. Braun provides an array of parenteral pharmaceutical solutions, including those for use in standard IV, irrigation, nutrition, and anti-infective therapy applications. The EXCEL® and PAB® containers and the DUPLEX Drug Delivery Systems feature biologically inert, PVC-Free and DEHP-Free, non-toxic plastic construction for a safe and accurate method of administering IV medication.

  2. Admixture Product Solutions

    B. Braun is a one-source-stop for all of the solutions and devices required for completing an admixture process. Their broad product line includes DEHP-free and PVC bags, as well as needle-free devices for everything from drugs, to fluids, to the final admixture.

  3. Custom Kits And Trays

    With decades of experience and a substantial capacity for producing kits, the B. Braun OEM Division is capable of packaging standard components with customers’ proprietary products to meet requirements of each medical procedure and application.

  4. Fluid Administration Systems

    B. Braun OEM Division has designed and produced a broad range of standard and customized fluid administration products to meet a variety of application requirements. Hundreds of standard components are readily available to be incorporated into a set, saving clients both time and money.

  5. Durable, Space Saving Oxygen Sensors

    First Sensor offers multiple series of durable oxygen sensors designed to save space in applications such as oxygen analyzer, oxygen concentrator, confined space monitoring, laboratory equipment, agriculture, fire prevention, high altitude training, medical technology, instrumentation, HVAC, biotechnology, and food industry.

  6. BeamCheck™ Beam Profiling System For Additive Manufacturing

    The Ophir Photonics BeamCheck™ beam profiling system is designed specifically for measuring critical laser beam parameters in laser-based additive manufacturing systems. A CCD camera is used for spatial measurements, and an NIST-traceable power sensor is utilized to provide a complete analysis of laser power density profiles.

  7. M2 Laser Beam Propagation System For Continuous Use Applications

    BeamSquared is a high accuracy M2 laser beam propagation system that measures beam quality to optimize performance in continuous use applications, from scientific research to rapid prototyping to fabrication and machining. 

  8. Food and Pharma Leak Detection System: VeriPac 355

    VeriPac 355 is a non-destructive micro leak detection system for container closure integrity and package integrity testing for a wide range of products and packaging formats. This system is specifically designed to test containers for gas leaks for dry products (lyophilized vials, powder filled) as well test for liquid leaks (non-protein based liquid filled vials, prefilled syringes). The VeriPac 355 can be incorporated into protocols at any point in the handling process as it is non-destructive and requires no sample preparation. With the capability to detect leak rates as low as 0.2 cc/min, depending on packaging specifications, the VeriPac 355 is the optimal non-destructive quantitative test method for many pharmaceutical and food applications.

  9. Daikyo Crystal Zenith® Cartridges

    Predictable, Reliable, Versatile. West offers Daikyo Crystal Zenith® cartridges used in drug delivery applications. West offers Daikyo Crystal Zenith® cartridges used in drug delivery applications.  These cartridges are manufactured with the highest dimensional tolerances ensuring this cartridge technology is predictable and safe.  Daikyo Crystal Zenith offers superior performance by using a polymer with proven functionality, safety and compatibility for a variety of devices making it suitable for high-viscosity drugs and long-term storage.

  10. SmartDose® Self Injection Platform

    Consistent. Reliable. Ready to Go. The first combination product that incorporates the SmartDose Platform was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). West developed SmartDose® for single-use drug delivery.  This wearable device is a patient-centric drug delivery device that incorporates human factors design and usability testing.  The SmartDose platform is usually worn on the abdomen and pre-programmed to deliver highly viscous biologics to the patient.