Product Showcase

  1. maxon EC Brushless Motors

    The maxon EC brushless motors are manufactured with maxon’s patented ironless winding system, with three phases in the stator for block, sensorless block, or sinusoidal commutation. These motors offer long service life, high efficiency, excellent control properties from linear motor characteristics, as well as the lowest electrical time constant and low inductance. The EC motors also deliver good heat dissipation, high overload capacity, rotating NdFeB magnets (1 or 2 pole pairs), and no detent.

  2. maxon DC Brushed Motors

    maxon motors offers an outstanding line of DC motors featuring no magnetic cogging, low electromagnetic interference, low inductance, high efficiency, and high acceleration due to low mass inertia. These motors offer linearity between voltage and speed, load and speed, and load and current. The motors’ small, compact designs allow them to bear high overloads for short periods of time, and deliver small torque ripple via multi-segment communicator.

  3. Custom EMI Filters

    Corry Micronics offers the CMISFB-80180T4 Custom EMI Filters designed for electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing to various military specifications, including MIL-PRF 15733 and MIL-PRF-28861. Features include low insertion loss, fast switching speeds, custom mechanical specifications, and broadband operation from DC to 40 GHz.

  4. 3-Channel Low Noise Amplifier

    Corry Micronics offers the CMILNA-847-1747-S broadband low noise amplifier (LNA) with three independently amplified channels in a common housing. Features include an ultra-low noise figure of 2 dB and greater than 18 dB of gain, making this LNA ideal for a number of applications, such as cellular base stations, software defined and field communication radios, FM and AM receivers, switch matrices, lab use, WiFi, surveillance sub-systems, satellite systems, and other pre-amplification applications.

  5. Airborne K-Band Strip Line Filter

    Corry Micronics now offers the CMIBPF-23G-2G, a new strip line bandpass filter with a center frequency of 23 GHz designed specifically as a lightweight filter for communication drones. This K-band filter is unique in that it features a surface mountable design, pick and placed characteristics, and installation with standard off the shelf solders.

  6. On Demand Manufacturing

    Proto Labs offers two types of injection molding service options. The prototyping option is for design validation, and is best suited for those who need smaller part quantities. On-demand manufacturing offers the flexibility of on-demand production of end-use parts for those who require larger part quantities.

  7. Flexible Electronic Assemblies For Medical Ultrasound Imaging

    Micro Systems Technologies (MST) offers an array of highly reliable flex circuit assembly solutions for ultrasound imaging used in diverse medical diagnostic areas. From 1D to 3D and beyond, the advanced flexible electronic assemblies deliver enabling capabilities in PCB manufacturing and assembly technologies.

  8. Thermal Imaging Measuring System For Electronics Testing: FLIR ETS320

    FLIR offers the new ETS320 affordable, non-contact thermal measurement system designed to collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyze it quickly for electronics testing and scientific research. The system pairs a high-sensitivity infrared camera with an integrated stand for hands-free measurements of printed circuit boards and other small electronics.

  9. SCHOTT® Image Guides For Flexible Imaging Applications

    SCHOTT Lighting and Imaging offers a series of Image Guides for medical devices that include customization options for higher resolutions, end surface coatings, and many other options depending on the needs of each application. The latest developments for these image bundles include 6 μm higher resolution images, a larger active visibility area, and a superior image quality with zero optical inclusions in the center zone.

  10. Very High Power Water-Cooled Thermal Sensor: 15K-W-BB-45

    Ophir Photonics’ new 15K-W-BB-45 is a high damage threshold sensor designed to measure continuous laser power from 100 W to 15,000 W over the spectral range from 0.8 to 2 µm and 10.6 µm. This compact, water-cooled, thermal laser power measurement sensor features a deflecting cone and annular absorber that tolerates high power densities up to 10 kW/cm2.