Product Showcase

  1. Label and Artwork Management Software: PRISYM 360

    PRISYM 360 is the ONLY labeling solution dedicated to Medical Device and Life Sciences. PRISYM 360 provides organizations with complete label integrity to meet the strictest compliance requirements for FDA and EU regulations.

    By focusing on the data, rather than the label/artwork, PRISYM 360 provides a revolutionary 360° outlook of your master data assets and gives the ability to control and optimize them to create a fully integrated approach across the full label lifecycle.

    Due to the information being data driven, it lets you to find out where content sits quickly and easily, allowing you to deal with mass change. This feature has annually saved customers multi- million dollars on global label change, while reducing the risk of the label carrying old data or using the wrong version.

  2. Medical Device Label Management Software

    There is only one labeling solution dedicated to the medical device industry. It was designed in conjunction with industry leaders and customer user groups including Boston Scientific, Zimmer and Stryker.

  3. Thermal Imaging Camera With FLIR Cooled InSb Detector: FLIR A6700 MWIR

    FLIR offers the A6700 MWIR thermal imaging camera with a cooled InSb detector designed for high speed image acquisition up to 480 Hz. Synchronization with other instruments and events enables the capture of minute details, and available custom cold filtering options allow specific spectral detection and measurement. It is ideal for imaging through glass, measuring temperature of thin film plastics, laser profiling and detection, and optical gas imaging.

  4. Container Closure Integrity Testing of Intravenous Bags (IV Bags)

    Container Closure Integrity (CCI) is defined as whether the container is maintaining a sterile barrier. Intravenous (IV) bags are crucial in delivering fluids or medication quickly. Leaking parenteral packages are considered an extremely high risk as they deliver fluid directly into the bloodstream and have a high potential for microbial growth, requiring the need for sensitive and reliable CCI testing.

  5. Medical Device Pouch Inspection Using Airborne Ultrasound Technology

    PTI's Seal-Scan® and Seal-Sensor® are non-contact airborne ultrasonic testing technologies.  In order to use ultrasonic inspection effectively, it must be possible to place the seal in a direct line between a pair of transducers and move it (or move the transducers) along the seal. The ultrasound is transmitted and reflected at the transition from one media to the next. The greater the acoustic difference between mediums (most evident at a gas to solid transition) the more sound is reflected and the less sound transmitted through. The variation of the material thickness has only a minor effect.

  6. Medical Device Package Inspection

    Class III medical devices have a unique set of requirements and package characteristics that need a comprehensive approach to selecting the right inspection method.Advanced approaches for quality assurance of these leading-edge treatments may be needed for a variety of reasons.

  7. NFC Tags For Sensor Applications

    DYCONEX, an MST company, offers the smallest form factor, miniaturized NFC (Near Field Communication) tags for a variety of sensor applications in harsh environments. The tags include sensors, microprocessors, and batteries that can be built using Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP), a high-performance thermoplastic polymer, both used as the substrate and encapsulation material.

  8. In Silico Simulation For Enhanced Device Performance: 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform

    SIMULIA’s solutions for medical device development provides a framework for engineering teams to integrate the tools they use into re-usable, deployable processes. This reduces time-consuming and error prone tasks to improve productivity and consistency, while enabling design exploration studies to find better designs and democratization to expand the user-base for simulation. Lastly, capturing these processes in the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform provides the traceability organizations need when making critical business decisions.

  9. Living Heart Human Model: Cardiovascular Science Through Realistic Simulation

    Dassault Systemes offers the SIMULIA Living Heart Human Model designed as a high-fidelity Multiphysics model of a healthy, 4-chamber adult human heart and proximal vasculature. The model features a dynamic response governed by realistic electrical, structural, and fluid (blood) flow physics. With this heart model, medical professionals, researchers, and device manufacturers have the ability to conduct experiments in a highly realistic 3D environment.

  10. Production Ready 3D Optical Profiler: ZeGage™ Pro

    The ZeGage™ Pro and ZeGage™ Pro HR are scanning white light interferometers that provide 3D optical surface profiling for the measurement of precision surfaces that require non-contact metrology. The base ZeGage™ Pro model delivers surface mapping at the nanometer scale, meeting the needs for most industrial surfaces. For smoother samples with a much finer surface finish, the ZeGage™ Pro HR offers more than 20X higher precision with 0.15 nm vertical precision.