Product Showcase

  1. PTI Tooling And Mold Design

    Having a good mold design is critical for delivering a capable, high quality product. Each part design is unique and has its own list of requirements, so one-size-fits-all mold build concepts will not make the cut. With over thirty years of experience in tooling and mold design, PTI’s team of skilled designers have helped pave the way in delivering mold designs and parts that continuously meet and exceed their requirements.

  2. Engineering: Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

    PTI offers over thirty years of industrial Design For Manufacturing (DFM) experience in determining product requirements and establishing initial design visions. Their expert design and advanced product development teams are there to assist customers in bringing innovative concepts to efficiently manufactured plastic products.

  3. Overmolding Capabilities

    PTI’s overmolding capabilities cover the entire process of molding thermoplastic materials into a second material in order to produce a single part. By employing two separate molds that will bond two separate materials, one part can be better formed with aesthetics and functional appeal.

  4. Low Volume Molding

    PTI provides the expertise and experience required for complex low volume injection molding. They are committed to delivering the same precision and price advantages of high volume production molds. The Low-Volume Production (LVP) molding program utilizes the latest injection molding equipment including electric injection molding machines with closed-loop processing, and automated material handling systems. PTI is also capable of higher volume production runs that are customized to your needs.

  5. Boost Received Signals And Maintain Noise Figure: 700 MHz to 2700 MHz LNA

    This low noise amplifier provides multiple broadband channels of high signal gain and linearity with low added noise levels, boosting received signals and maintaining system noise figure. The package itself contains three separate LNAs, and any of the three amplifiers can be independently bypassed via signal control.

  6. Protective Solutions For The Orthopedic Market

    For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been a leader in plastic product protection and offers a variety of catalog and custom solutions designed specifically for the orthopedic market. As a qualified supplier to more than 1,300 medical customers including implant manufacturers, Caplugs protects vital components during shipping, storage, and processing.

  7. Caplugs Custom Medical Molding

    Caplugs has been a global leader in plastic molding with six different molding processes and thousands of material options. The in-house team of engineers works with customers throughout their comprehensive process to design a unique solution process from creating concepts and rapid prototyping to packaging and inventory management.

  8. Tethered Plastic Caps For Tube Protection: MCN-TCP Series

    The MCN-TCP Series of tethered plastic caps are made from a low-density polyethylene to protect medical tubes and ports from contamination.  The caps are designed to be easily removed and reapplied when necessary for applications such as fluid drains.

  9. Tethered Silicone Caps For Tube Protection: MCN-TCS Series

    Caplugs offers the MSN-TCS Series of tethered silicone caps for protecting tubes and ports from contamination. The caps are constructed from USP class VI silicone, and are designed for easy removal and reapplication for a variety of medical procedures such as fluid draining.

  10. Certified ISO Class 8 Clean Room

    Caplugs’ Class 8 certified Clean Room is designed to ensure a secure and safe product from production to packaging.  Equipped with full molding capabilities, an inspection table with ionization blowers, and a controlled packaging area, Caplugs’ Clean Room is also ISO13485 certified.