News | March 6, 2023

Accumold Showcases Expertise In Micro Molding Polymer Optics, Lens Arrays And More At OFC 2023

Source: Accumold
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(1st March 2023, Ankeny, IA, USA) At the Optical Networking & Communication (OFC) Conference and Exhibition, San Diego, CA, USA, 7-9 March in San Diego, Accumold will be showcasing its expertise in the manufacture of polymer optics, lens arrays, and fiber connectors manufactured for various OEMs. It will also demonstrate the versatility and accuracy of its micro molding service, and the variety of materials and applications that it has experience in manufacturing on booth 2711.

Aaron Johnson, VP of Marketing & Customer Strategy at Accumold says, “As a company, we have been serving the optics market-place for decades, and have been involved with the manufacture of ground-breaking and highly innovative products on behalf of an array of companies from leading SME’s to large multi-national blue-chips. The micro optics sector is characterized by the requirement for extreme accuracy, and products and components produced in a timely and cost-effective manner. As such, it is vital that OEMs locate and engage with a qualified and experienced micro molding expert to ensure optimal outcomes. A visit to booth 2711 will explain why?”

There are various things that Accumold we will be emphasising at the event, key among which is the fact that it sees it as vital that its customers engage as early as possible in the design process to ensure optimised manufacturing outcomes. The company works with leading OEMs from across numerous industry sectors as product development partners, and because of this achieves success where alternative suppliers may struggle.

Johnson continues, “Accumold has the longest history of micro molding in North America, stretching back to the 1980s. During the 30-plus years that the company has been pioneering the art of micro manufacturing and micro molding, it has grown to become by far the biggest micro molding company in the world. The company is truly vertically integrated, with design and material assistance, micro tool fabrication, micro molding, validation, and automated assembly all carried out under one roof. Today, the company has grown to a 130,000 square foot fortified facility designed for assurance of supply, employs 350 staff, and ships parts and components all over the world. The physical extent of the company ensures that it is uniquely placed to accommodate the mass manufacturing cells that customers demand when molding in the multi-millions of parts per year.”

Holding ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certification, Accumold is able to work in multiple industry sectors, and excels when challenged with exacting parts with tight tolerances, many of which are often used in safety critical applications.

The company invites all attendees at OFC 2023 to visit booth 2711 to discuss any applications with its expert team, who will be able to talk visitors through the possibilities that exist for micro molding your optical parts and components.