Accumold® is a high-tech manufacturer of precision micro, small and lead frame injection molded plastic components. Utilizing processes developed from our Micro-Mold® technology, we design, build and produce unique molds and parts efficiently for markets that include Micro Electronics, Automotive, Fiber/Optics, Medical, and Military/Aerospace Applications.

Accumold® specializes in complex, precise injection molded thermoplastic parts that require perfect detail. We produce components that range in size from .005” to 3” with tolerances to .00004”. Our customers require an uncompromising attention to detail, extremely high quality, low production costs, and our speed-to-market services.

  • Our state-of-the-art facilities include a team of 30+ toolmakers. This group operates 24/7 to meet the high demand for their innovative services.
  • Our production team serves around-the-clock to ensure that parts are produced on-time and to spec. This talented group is geared for speed and volume.
  • Our production area is equipped to meet all of the market demands from our clean room to our automation and sub-assembly processes.

There is a lot of interest these days about micromolding. Today's manufacturing requirements are demanding smaller and more complicated plastic components then ever before. There have been countless articles in the trade magazines recently and the interest has created a whole new look for the injection molding industry.

Even though micromolding may seem new and novel, Accumold has been in the "micro" business for more than two decades and have produced billions of micromolded parts over the years. It's where we started as a company, and it's where we continue grow, innovate and produce.

Accumold® - World Leaders in Micro-Mold® Manufacturing Solutions.



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