Broadband Blocking Components

Broadband Blocking Components

DLI offers many options for your broadband blocking needs that range from DC to greater than 40 GHz. This page provides an overview of their broadband blocking components.

Broadband Blocking Device: PX Series


  • X7R Temperature Stability (-55°C to +125°C)
  • Low Frequency Stability
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Solder or Epoxy attachment

Functional Applications:

  • Broadband Microwave/Millimeter Wave
  • Test Equipment

Mini RF Blocking Networks (E-Field Chokes™)

Functional Applications:

  • High Speed Digital
  • Mixed Signal IC’s
  • Suppression of Noise on DC Supply Lines
  • MCM and Hybrid Modules


  • Eliminates Noise at I/O Pins
  • Replaces Large Decoupling Capacitor with Superior Performance
  • Clean DC Lines Beyond 18 GHz

Milli-Cap® SMD Millimeter Wave Capacitor

Functional Applications:

  • 0402, 0502 and 0602 Footprints
  • Very Low Series Inductance
  • Ultra High Series Resonance
  • Low Loss High Q part


  • Matches typical 50Ω Line Widths
  • Preserves Board Space
  • Behaves Like An Ideal Capacitor
  • More Usable Bandwidth

Mechanical Specifications:

  • Terminations: Gold
  • Assembly Temperatures not to exceed 260°C.
  • Ideal for Test Equipment, Photonics, SONET, Digital Radios and matching Filter applications

Opti-Cap Ultra Broadband DC Blocking

Functional Applications:

  • Improved Low Frequency Stability over Temperature
  • Very Low Series Inductance
  • X7R Temperature and Voltage Stability


  • Resonance Free DC Blocking to >40GHz
  • Surface Mountable by Solder or Epoxy Bonding
  • Available in Tape & Reel or Waffle Pack Format
  • Improved Low Frequency Stability over Temperature

Broadband Blocks

Functional Applications

  • Fiber Optic Links
  • High Isolation Decoupling
  • LAN’s
  • VCO Frequency Stabilization
  • Diplexers
  • RF/Microwave Modules
  • Instruments and Test Equipment.


  • Resonance free DC Blocking / Decoupling
  • Less than 0.25 db loss @ 4 GHz (typical)
  • Surface mountable


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