At Knowles Precision Devices we make Microwave Devices including RF Filters, Splitters and Couplers, and Multilayer Ceramic, Single Layer, High Reliability and Precision Variable Capacitors

As part of Knowles Precision Devices the Dielectric Laboratories DLI brand focuses on high performance microwave products and Single Layer Capacitors

Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand Microwave Products integrate two core competencies that have been honed for over 40 years; ceramic expertise and thin film manufacturing.

Our technologies addresses the challenge of implementing high performance mmwave filters for Radar, EW and 5G applications.


  • DLI’s Gain Equalizers are designed as a small, low cost solution to your gain slope challenges. DLI’s EW series is designed to address this issue from DC to 18 GHz in a package smaller than an 0302 capacitor. Components are designed for surface mount pick and place equipment or epoxy mount. Available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications.

  • These equalizers have been designed for use as a compensation circuit to correct for the loss slope that can be sometimes be created by other circuit elements. They’re ideal for integration into EW, ECM, and ECCM broadband microwave modules.


  • Knowles Capacitors’ excellence in ceramic materials technology, combined with EMI filter expertise, enables an unequalled range of EMI filter products including surface mount filters, panel mount filters, planar arrays, discoidal multilayer capacitors, X2Y integrated passive components, and other filter types for hi-rel applications.

  • DLI’s engineers select from numerous filter topologies to solve your frequency management problem. We have expanded capability beyond band pass designs to include notch filters, low pass and high pass filters and band stop filters and other passive devices such as dividers and couplers. Designs are customized to your requirements to offer performance, size and repeatability.

  • DLI microstrip bandpass filters offer classical filter topologies yielding excellent performance in a small footprint when fabricated on ceramic substrate materials. Miniaturization can reach new levels by employing DLI high-k ceramic materials.

  • DLI’s series of surface mount lowpass filters are compact and fully shielded. They feature frequency stability over temperature, excellent repeatability, 50Ω characteristic impedance, and a -55oC to +125oC operating temperature.


  • Broadband Blocking Components

    DLI offers many options for your broadband blocking needs that range from DC to greater than 40 GHz. This page provides an overview of their broadband blocking components.


  • Dielectric Laboratories (DLI) offers a series of single layer capacitors designed with Class II dielectric materials and X7R temperature stability characteristics for a variety of DC blocking or RF bypass applications. With operation capabilities over a broad frequency range, these high frequency, wire bondable capacitors are ideal for GaN, GaAs, filtering, tuning, and coupling applications where small size and microwave performance is vital for a circuit’s performance.

  • DLI has made a name for themselves through manufacturing high Q, high frequency single layer capacitors that feature gold metallization for wire bonding, thin film technology, and rugged construction. They’re ideal for high frequency applications such as DC blocking, tuning, RF bypass, and filtering.


  • Wilkinson dividers (3 dB per split) incorporating our low loss, high permittivity dielectric materials to provide small size and temperature stability.  The devices integrate thin film precision resistors and are offered for both solder surface mount (SMT) and chip and wire hybrid (WB) assembly applications.


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