Flow Control Valves (For Plastic)

Flow Control Valves (For Plastic)

The IMH Flow Control Valves perform functionally as an orifice in parallel with a check valve. Available in 5.5mm and 8.0 mm diameters, each valve features a press-in installation for plastics. Valves can be installed in either direction, providing forward and reverse flow capabilities.

The flow control valve simplifies the manifold by combining hydraulic functions and provides an accurate flow, creating a more consistent system performance and eliminating the need for expensive alternative components.  Each flow control valve is 100% flow tested to assure all parts are within flow tolerance, and are consistent in batch-to-batch performance, thereby eliminating rework. Control valves may be used in many medical applications including oxygen concentrators, medical instruments and pumps, prosthetics, patient cooling devices, and medical dummies. Where screening is necessary, a companion screen is available in four different micron ratings.

For more features and performance statistics, download the corresponding datasheet.

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