Gain Equalizers: EW Series


DLI’s Gain Equalizers are designed as a small, low cost solution to your gain slope challenges. DLI’s EW series is designed to address this issue from DC to 18 GHz in a package smaller than an 0302 capacitor. Components are designed for surface mount pick and place equipment or epoxy mount. Available in tape and reel packaging for high volume applications.


  • Broadband Microwave Modules; EW, ECM, ECCM
  • Equalizer is utilized as a compensation circuit to correctfor loss slope created by other circuit elements (such as amplifiers )


  • Footprint interchangeable part series, gain slopes from 1 to 3.5dB
  • Superior, repeatable microwave performance
  • Ease of assembly; terminations are compatible with solder SMT & conductive epoxy assembly
  • Package optimized for typical 50 ῼ transmission line width
  • No ground connection required

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