High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valves

hdi valves

The Lee Company offers an array of High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valves that are compact, lightweight, and easily manifold mounted, making them the perfect solution for applications where a large number of valves must be designed into the smallest space possible. Engineered with long-lasting materials, every valve is 100% functionally tested and inspected to ensure reliable, consistent, long-term performance. This will allow the creation of devices that are smaller and lighter weight.

The HDI Solenoid Valves are available in three different mounting styles: plug-in, face mount, and soft tube ported, as well as various performance models to suit the design criteria. They are also available in conventional, Lo-Lohm, latching, semi-inert, and quiet operation model types. Accessories are also available ranging from mounting hardware to simple standard manifolds for testing purposes, as well as custom designed manifold configurations for production.

For additional information on these High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valves, download the brochure.

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