High-Speed, Long Life Solenoid Valves: INK Series

High-Speed, Long Life Solenoid Valves: INK Series

Because of their high-speed, repeatability, and long life cycles, INK solenoid valves by the Lee Company are ideal for replacing valves in existing printers, or in new drop-on-demand and dispensing applications involving in-vitro diagnostics, drug discovery, and therapeutic care.

These solenoid valves are available in Axial Pin and PC board mounting configurations. They’re available in 275 Hz and 600 Hz models and feature low power consumption and a 250 million life cycle minimum. Contact the Lee Company for more information on how these valves can be used in your next medical device. You can also watch an overview of their line of pumps and valves for use in in-vitro diagnostics, scientific instrumentation, and drug discovery applications.

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