High Speed Solenoid Valves: VHS Series

High Speed Solenoid Valves: VHS Series

These high speed solenoid valves can dispense microliter and nanoliter volumes at up to 1200 Hz and are ideal for high throughput screening in medical devices, as well as drug discovery. They feature a 250 million cycle (minimum) lifetime, response times as fast as 0.25ms, and operating pressures up to 120 psi.

Mounting configurations:

  • 062 MINSTAC for use with Teflon® tubing
  • 1/32" barb for use with soft push on tubing
  • Manifold mounting
  • Direct dispense outlet (precision jeweled orifice)
  • Small outlet ports

For more information on the VHS series of 2-way, high-speed solenoid valves or to better understand their potential role in your next medical device design, contact The Lee Company.