Magnetic Latching Solenoid Valves: LHL Series

Magnetic Latching Solenoid Valves: LHL Series

The LHL Series of magnetic latching solenoid valves are available in plug-in, face mount, and soft tube ported configurations. Their low power (5.5 mJ per switch), low heat, and small size, make these valves ideal for portable, battery powered medical devices. They’re also an ideal flow control solution for oxygen delivery systems, patient monitors, air calibration equipment, ventilators/respirators, and more.

General Specifications:


Maximum of 50 µL/minute of air at 70°F with 5 psig applied to the common port.

Internal Volume

  • Plug-In: 40 µL
  • Face Mount: 72 µL
  • Soft Tube Ported: 77 µL

The valves weigh only 4 grams.

Life Expectancy
The valves will typically operate up to 250 million cycles on air, depending on the seal material and application parameters.

Operating Pressure: YAC – 45 psig (0-15 psid)
The valves will operate within the specified pressure range when supplied with the rated voltage ± 5%. The normally closed port seal is spring loaded, so the pressure applied to this port should not exceed the pressure on the common port or the normally open port unless otherwise indicated.

  • Valve Proof Pressure: 2X Normal Rated Pressure
  • Valve Burst Pressure: 3X Normal Rated Pressure

Contact the supplier for more information on their LHL series of solenoid valves.