Medical Balloons


Nordson MEDICAL is the market leader in complex medical balloon design, development, and manufacturing. Their pioneering Advanced Polymers team was the first to manufacture and supply medical balloons to the medical device industry. 

Nordson MEDICAL's Balloon Center of Excellence in Salem, New Hampshire, USA is the market leader in complex medical balloon design, development, and manufacturing. As a fully-integrated supplier, they manage every step of medical balloon development and production. All extrusion, tooling, design, manufacturing, and testing is performed in-house, enabling Nordson to produce the highest quality balloons in less time, accelerating your product development and time to market.

In addition to vertical integration, shorter lead times are realized due to unrivaled R&D services, specifically focused on a smooth development process with manufacturing in mind. Upon design transfer, high-volume capacity enables you to scale your production needs with confidence. From concept to long-term commercial manufacturing, let Nordson MEDICAL be your balloon center of excellence!