Video | May 9, 2023

Medical Balloons & Balloon Catheters

Partner with us for a complete solution to your catheter-based device needs. Our Catheter Center of Excellence, located in Galway, Ireland, offers a full range of in-house capabilities.

Applications of Balloon Catheters

  • Occlusion: These balloon catheters prevent or redirect movement of fluid and/or objects with balloons that are highly compliant so they conform to the anatomy and form a seal.

  • Dilatation: These balloon catheters have controlled compliance to open to a precise diameter, high tensile strength to allow thin walls and low profiles, and high inflation pressures to open blocked passageways.
  • Ablation (RF Ablation, Renal Denervation, Cryoablation, etc): These balloon catheters help position the device to ensure precise treatment, contain the energy source, and allow for transmission of energy from catheter to tissue.
  • Implant Delivery: These balloon catheters deliver grafts, stents, or valves and have high strength to open the device, high durability to prevent damage from contact with the implant, and a low profile.
  • Drug Delivery: These balloon catheters localize the medication and are an effective alternative to administering it intravenously, which delivers the drug systemically to unwanted areas throughout the whole body.