Micro Molding Services

Source: Accumold
Micro Molding

Manufacturers that are designing next-generation products are constantly trying to solve space and weight restriction related issues. “Smaller is Better,” is a mantra that we’ve all grown accustomed to, whether we are the manufacturers ourselves or the end users/consumers. Enter Accumold’s micro molding services, with the ability to create incredibly small plastic parts that not only helps resolve space and weight restrictions issues, but can also to help reduce overall manufacturing costs.

Accumold has been providing high-quality, high-precision plastic components for over 25 years through their micro molding capabilities. The plastic parts they’ve helped to design and manufacture include integrated lens housings, integrated lens arrays, critical medical components like clips and holders, and many more. Micro-optics in general are a great fit for Accumold’s micro molding services because of the need for high-precision and tight-tolerance molding. Plastic parts created through precision micro molding allow you to:

  • Reduce weight, size, and cost of your small parts
  • Opportunity to consolidate multiple parts into one plastic piece
  • Reap the benefits of using plastic over glass without sacrificing high-quality or high-precision requirements typically associated with critical components

Below are a few examples of micro-sized components created by Accumold for our customers:

Micro Mold Rotor- Developed for the micro-electronics industry, these micro molded rotors have 18 tiny teeth around the rotor's 0.092" diameter.

Small Mold ROSA - The fiber optic rosa shown here has an aspheric prescription lens molded right into the plastic, eliminating the need for a separate lens.

Lead Frame Bobbin - This bobbin is molded in a multi-cavity mold on continuous strip. The cavity-to-cavity variation averages between .0002" and .0003".

It’s also important to note that Accumold’s expertise isn’t limited to microscopic parts only. Often times, a larger part can have microscopic features. For instance, something measuring two inches long might have a .1mm thin wall section and a .20mm diameter hole. While the part measuring in at two inches wouldn’t be considered small per se, its wall section and diameter hole would be considered microscopic. Accumold’s micro molding capabilities can also be applied to small features on an already small plastic component.

If you are a mechanical or design engineer in the process of creating a next-generation product with components that have complex geometry and very tight tolerances than Accumold’s micro molding services may be the perfect solution for you. Their 25 years of experience working exclusively in micro-plastics and micro molding has made them experts in efficiently producing high quality plastic molded parts for the microelectronics, telecommunications, micro-optics, sensors, or medical optics industries. Contact Accumold with your questions or for more information on how they can help you with your next project.

To learn more about Accumold’s micro molding capabilities and to see if it can help with your next design, download Accumold’s What is Micro-Molding? application note.

For more information on how micro molding applies to optics and photonics related applications, watch these available videos.