Mini Temperature Stable Filters


DLI’s engineers select from numerous filter topologies to solve your frequency management problem. We have expanded capability beyond band pass designs to include notch filters, low pass and high pass filters and band stop filters and other passive devices such as dividers and couplers. Designs are customized to your requirements to offer performance, size and repeatability.

Advantages utilizing DLI Filter Technology

  • Temperature Stability
  • Size Reduction
  • Thin Film Precision

Temperature Stability (-55°C to +125°C)

Primary ceramics utilized in DLI filter designs are CF (εr = 23) and CG (εr = 67). Both of these materials exhibit excellent temperature stability across a wide range of frequencies. Regardless of the filter operating frequency, guard band needs not be designed into the device to meet a demanding temperature requirement. CF and CG do not outgas, do not exhibit signs of aging and have been exposed to a mega-rad of total radiation dosage with no degradation in performance. The filters will perform the same from outer space to the desert. The graphs below demonstrate the extreme stability of DLI custom ceramic devices.

Typical Charateristics:

  • RF power handling upto 20 watts 
       (function of topology, BW and other variables)
  • Steep selectivity(number of poles) "n"-2 to 16 poles
  • Fraction bandwidths up to 80%
  • Low insertion loss
  • Flat amplitude nipple and group delay
  • Solder - surface mount designs
  • Chip and wire designs

Typical Filter Topologies

  • Interdigital
  • End Coupled
  • Edge Coupled
  • Hair Pin
  • Edge - End Coupled
  • Combine and Pseudocombline
  • Dual Mode
  • Quasi-lumped

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