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nervous system

Battelle develops leading-edge technologies to aid in the recovery of nervous system injuries and address the resulting physical impairments. 


Injuries related to the nervous system are tricky. Often they are injuries that can’t be overcome. But the answer to address some of the hurdles faced by those with paralysis or other injuries is likely at the intersection of science and technology.


Battelle works daily at that intersection of science and technology and is pioneering ways to help people overcome devastating neurological damage and disorders.

We have developed nerve-stimulating devices aimed at helping amputees with phantom limb pain. The technology uses a generator the size of a pacemaker and an electrode to stimulate certain nerves and block chronic pain. Further applications for the device may include helping block pain in other chronic conditions, such as post-surgical pain and migraine headaches.

We’ve also developed a Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation, a type of neurostimulation that can help slow down the uncontrolled shaking that affects people with Parkinson’s disease; it can also help to calm essential tremor—a disorder of the nervous system that causes shaking of the hands, arms or legs.


Battelle NeuroLife™ Neural Bypass Technology
Battelle has developed a breakthrough technology that empowers paralyzed patients to regain conscious control of their fingers, hand and wrist. The Battelle NeuroLife Neural Bypass Technology skips damaged areas of the nervous system to allow the brain to communicate directly with muscles. Learn more.


Neural Signal Processing & Data Analysis
Battelle can help you turn complex brain signals into clear information for innovative neurodiagnostics, therapies and other applications. Learn more.


We are helping our clients deliver innovative, market-ready solutions for neurotechnologies.