Advancing Your Medical Device Innovation

Tap into a wealth of multidisciplinary expertise and first-in-class intellectual property development with Battelle. Work with us to elevate your projects, set new industry benchmarks, and deliver sustainable, advanced medical device solutions that revolutionize healthcare.

Over 65+ years of developing successful, market leading, regulated medical products have led to robust risk reduction strategies, comprehensive development processes, and design controls expertise to launch your medical device to market confidently. Take advantage of our deep innovation pedigree and investment in talent development to produce resilient, cutting-edge products.

With Battelle, you get more than a range of services; you gain a partner who is as invested in your success as you are, ready to create new markets and transform the medical device industry.

Our Solutions

Medical Device Design and Development

Our comprehensive approach to product design and development is carefully constructed to help you solve previously unsolvable problems. Create rapid response solutions and forge into new markets with our deep knowledge base and proven medical device development process.

Drug Delivery

Novel therapies are changing the face of medicine. Getting them safely to patients requires innovative drug delivery. When you encounter a challenge where the solution seems just out of reach or you need a partner in innovation, Battelle’s scientists, engineers, human-centered designers, and world-class facilities can help you confidently deliver your product to market.


Battelle helps transform your neurotechnology and bioelectronic medicine innovations into market-ready solutions. Our experts help you solve your problems, manage your risks and accelerate your development timelines– from market insights and discovery, through concept to FDA registration.

Technology for License

We don’t seek to compete with our clients but regularly innovate to solve unmet market needs. Elevate your potential for innovation with our extensive medical device IP portfolio. Our first-in-class intellectual property can help you fast-track development projects and position your company as a medical device market leader.



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