New Non-Destructive Technology For Blister Package

Source: PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
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The VeriPac UBV Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs. The VeriPac UBV utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum to detect the presence of leaks. It’s a simple, rapid 3-step process to test a blister pack. Operators follow these 3 steps:

  1. Input number of blister cavities
  2. Place the blister pack on the inspection plate
  3. Press the START button

Within seconds, the operator sees a definitive pass/fail result, along with a volumetric measurement reading. The location of the defective cavity is also identified. This technology is unique in that it can provide rapid detection of defects as small as 10 microns in a test cycle of less than 15 seconds using no tools or test parameter changes.


  • Non-destructive technology
  • Accurate and repeatable results
  • Qualitative pass/fail and quantitative test result data
  • Completely tool-less
  • Fast changeover to test different blister formats
  • Identifies which cavity is defective
  • Eliminates destructive, subjective testing methods

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