Orifices in Male to Female Luer

Orifices in Male to Female Luer

The Lee Company’s highly accurate Orifice is preinstalled into a male and female luer adapter, featuring an integral safety screen for protection against rogue contamination. Designed for both liquid and gas applications, the orifices are 100% flow tested on either nitrogen or distilled water, ensuring that each part is within ±5% of its nominal flow rate, and providing more accuracy than orifices specified by hole tolerance.

The orifice and built in screen are comprised of 300 Series stainless steel, while the fitting is composed of medical grade polypropylene. Orifices with hole diameters as small as a 0.001mm (0.0004"), and a lohm rate as high as five million lohms are also available in a barb to barb union as standard. These specific orifices are protected by a 4 micron screen, and intended for gas applications only. All orifices are ideal for medical applications including but not limited to medical instruments and equipment, medical pumps, oxygen concentrators, hospital beds, endoscopes, catheters, and biomaterial delivery.

For more information regarding orifice performance features, materials, and parts, download the corresponding datasheet.

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