Package Integrity Testing Of Flexible Packaging

Source: PTI Packaging and Inspection Systems
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The standards of quality for flexible packaging continue to be a challenge for manufacturers. PTI’s VeriPac D-Series has been established globally as a technology proven to reduce production waste and cost while improving package quality assurance and brand equity.

The VeriPac D-Series are versatile package inspection systems for dry filled pouches and flexible packaging. To accommodate various package specifications, the VeriPac D-Series is available in several configurations. Each model achieves a specific range of test sensitivity and various test chamber sizes are available depending upon the package size and characteristics. Defect detection down to the 10 to 20 micron range.

  • Flexible package micro leak detection
  • Vacuum Decay PERMA-Vac Technology
  • ASTM Test Method F2338 and FDA Consensus Standard
  • Testing is non-destructive allowing for increased sampling and testing frequency
  • Capability to test different size pouches, stick packs or sachets without any changeover in parts or system settings.

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