Relief Valves in Luer Tee

Relief Valves in Luer Tee

The Lee Company now offers a series of Luer Tee fittings with relief valves fit into the Tee. Three models of different sizes are particularly useful for syringe driven systems where maximum force is required. All fittings are 100% flow tested for consistent batch-to-batch performance, and to make sure all parts are within performance tolerance.

Of the three versions available, the first two use either a 2.5mm relief valve, or 5.5mm relief valve for higher flow applications. The third version has a 2.5 relief valve in the branch and a check valve in the downstream branch to prevent backflow and over pressure protection. The check valve has a cracking pressure of 4 kPa, and the relief valve ranges from 100 to 300 kPa. For all valves, cracking pressure is highly repeatable, they and have a very low valve seat leakage.

For more performance features and specifications, download the corresponding datasheet.

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