Solenoid Pumps: LPL Series

Solenoid Pumps: LPL Series

The LPL series of solenoid pumps are ideal for integration into medical devices that require precise, fixed volume dispensing. They’re available in MINSTAC port, straight port, flat bottom boss, standard manifold mount, and combination manifold/soft tube port styles. These self-priming pumps have a 10 million cycle life, low power consumption (2 and 2.5 W models), a 2 Hz response time and standard 50 µL dispensing (special sizes also available).

Life Expectancy

The LPL Series pumps will operate for a minimum of 10 million cycles on clean water. Fluids may affect actual life.

Operating Pressure

  • Maximum case pressure is 5 psig
  • Total head range is -30 to +30 inches water
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure will affect dispense volume
  • Inlet/Outlet restrictions may affect pumped volume

Pumped Volume

  • The standard dispensed volume is 50 µL. 25 µL available for combo port style.
  • Special volumes are also available
  • Repeatability of pumped volume is 2%
  • Coefficient of Variation (CV) = +/- 0.3%

Response Time

Maximum operating frequency is 2 Hz. Cycling pump faster will adversely affect dispense
accuracy. Fluid properties (i.e. viscosity) and flow restrictions may reduce maximum
operating speed.


Filtration of 35 microns or finer is recommended.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Lead wires are #28 PTFE insulated wire
  • Leads are white (no coil polarity)
    • LPL2 Only
      • End Cap connector is compatible with AMP part number: 104257-2
      • Lead wire assemblies available.
      • 6" assembly: LSWX0504300A
      • 24" assembly: LSWX0606700A

Operating Temperature

  • Ambient operating temperature is 60 - 150°F (16-66°C)
  • Max. coil temperature is 180°F (85°C)
  • Lower operating temperatures may require special elastomers to ensure proper dispensing.

Port Connections

All ported pumps (non manifold) can be mounted using #2 or 2 mm screws. Adequate length must be allowed for pump housing (0.75") and proper engagement into mounting plate. Mounting screws should be torqued to 10-15 in-oz (0.071 - 0.106 N-m). Manifold mounted pumps require a properly prepared boss. #2 or 2 mm screws should be used for attachment.

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