Solenoid Valves: Lee Interface Fluidic (LFA) Series


The LFA series of solenoid valves are available in 2-way (normally closed) and 3-way soft tube ported configurations with printed circuit board (PCB) mount or lead wire connection options. Their compact size and ruggedized enclosure make them an ideal solution for air and gas flow in blood chemistry, ventilators, respirators, and blood pressure monitors.

These interface fluidic solenoid valves feature operating pressures up to 30 psig, power consumption as low as 280 mW, response times as fast as 1.5 ms, and low internal volume. 5, 9, 12, and 24 VDC voltages are available, as well as several Lohm rates from 1000 to 1800.

Contact the Lee Company for more information on the LFA series of solenoid valves to see if they can provide an air or gas flow solution in your next medical device design.