Solenoid Valves: LFN Series

 	Solenoid Valves: LFN Series

The LFN Series Solenoid Valves are 2-way, normally closed, diaphragm valves. These valves feature an isolation diaphragm on an inert housing, making the valves suitable for controlling critical and aggressive fluids.

The LFN Series is designed to provide the most consistent and reliable switching in the smallest footprint possible which allows a high valve packing density on manifolds. When the high valve packing density is combined with the valves’ low internal volume, the overall system fluid volume and manifold size are greatly reduced. LFN valves may be used in applications such as analytical instruments, biotechnology and IVD devices.

LFN Series Features Include:

  • A low internal volume of 13 Microliters
  • A response time of 20 ms
  • An operating pressure at 30 psig
  • Options of 12 or 24 Volt models

For more information on the LFN Series’ specifications, contact The Lee Company.