Surface Mount Directional Couplers

Surface Mount Directional Couplers

Dielectric Labs Inc. (DLI) introduces a series of surface mount directional couplers designed to offer a turnkey surface mount solution for high frequency incident and reflected power monitoring. These directional couplers span the C, X, and Ku band frequency spectrums, and are available with 10dB and 20dB coupling values, and a common footprint for maximum flexibility.

The new directional couplers incorporate DLI’s high dielectric ceramic materials which provide smaller size and temperature stability. These couplers may be used in a variety of applications including signal monitoring and measurement, forming antenna beams, and military and EMC testing environments.

For more in-depth information on the couplers’ board layout design, and soldering, packaging, chip and wire, and handling and storage information, download the brochure.

Click on the product part number to read more about each model and download its datasheet.

Part Number Frequency
Range (GHz)
Mean Coupling
Value (dB)
FPC06073 4 - 8 10 0.170 x 0.080 x 0.015
FPC06074 8 - 12 10 0.170 x 0.080 x 0.015
FPC06075 12 - 18 10 0.120 x 0.080 x 0.015
FPC06076 4 - 8 20 0.120 x 0.080 x 0.015
FPC06077 8 - 12 25 0.100 x 0.080 x 0.015
FPC06078 12 - 18 20 0.100 x 0.080 x 0.015


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