Industry Insights

  1. Measuring Small-Beam MFD: Overcoming the Challenges

    Accurate beam size measurements for beam sizes under 10 μm are critical for many applications such as fiber optic coupling efficiency, defect scanning, optical design, and optical fabrication process control. The challenges for such a measurement include the use of focal plane arrays that are too large to reasonably profile without magnification, the high mechanical precision of the beam profiling apparatus, and the beams’ high divergences and rapid expansion. Reliable profiles for such small beams, however, can be obtained using near-field or far-field profiling techniques. This article presents and in-depth discussion of each technique, diagrams for their systems' set-up, and the benefits for using each one.

  2. Additive Manufacturing And 3D CAD

    The use of additive manufacturing and 3D CAD has modernized the way manufacturers design and build mechanical components. Additionally, direct metal laser melting (DMLM) and selective laser sintering (SLS or metal 3D printing) are quickly becoming the standard for customizable constructs that are system critical and are hard-to-fabricate. This article discusses the process of transforming a 3D CAD model into a mechanical component, as well as how to use a camera based beam profiling system to assist in achieving consistently accurate constructs.

  3. Select The Right Laser Power Sensor By Asking The Right Questions

    When a sensor turns out to be an incorrect choice, the system could procure inaccurate measurements, premature failure, and costly full disc replacement and recalibration. This article presents three critical questions to ask before selecting a laser power sensor for a specific application.

  4. Trends In Drug Delivery: The Growth Of Cartridge-Based Technology

    As pharma companies evaluate the delivery systems for their drug product, there are several reasons why they may select a cartridge-based system compared to a pre-filled syringe or vial. 

  5. Why Connect An Auto-Injector To A Smartphone?

    No patient enjoys injecting themselves in order to monitor their blood sugar levels, so many drug delivery device manufacturers are continuously looking for the best forms of injection to make it easier for the patient. In light of the Internet of Things movement, the West-HealthPrize collaboration can now connect an auto-injector to software on a smartphone. But why would a patient want to connect their auto-injector to the Internet? This paper presents numerous benefits for a connected auto-injector including a redeemable point system, strengthened motivation, and immediate data collection and comparison.

  6. Extractables And Leachables – Assessing Risk In A Complex Landscape

    It is not surprising that there is still confusion on the extractable and leachable topic. Guidances, where available, do not give step by step instructions on testing.

  7. Six Tips For The Successful Integration Of Econsent

    Electronic informed consent (eConsent) represents a major improvement in the overall participant consenting process in clinical trials for investigation sites, sponsors and IRB/IECs. eConsent offers researchers numerous benefits, including the capability to mitigate regulatory risk, improve study participants’ comprehension, and provide a more efficient way of collecting consent, therefore saving time and money.

  8. Mind Over Machine

    Custom-machined joints, brain-controlled exoskeleton combine to enable paraplegics to walk.

  9. Peracetic Acid As A Biocide

    Peracetic acid (PAA) is a highly biocidal oxidizer that maintains its efficacy in the presence of organic soil while also removing surface contaminants.  As with any gas sterilization process, the system will only sterilize surfaces that are contacted by the sterilant.

  10. Regulatory Pathways For VPA Sterilization

    Most countries’ regulatory bodies look to global standard organizations such as AAMI, ANSI, and ISO, which base their specific guidance on scientific, clinical, and practical expert information.