Package Sterilization Products

  1. The Role Of Packaging In Supply Chain Management

    In order to achieve a successful supply chain management, packaging systems have to be connected with aspects of marketing, logistics, productions, and the environment.

  2. How Do You Inspect Packaging Of Bottles, Cans And Cylinders?

    To ensure the package is error free, progressive companies now use automated proofreading solutions throughout the design and printing of the package and label.

  3. Ensuring Bar Code Accuracy From Packaging To The Patient

    For pharmaceutical companies, a barcode helps to assure the origins of the drugs, which in turn helps in minimizing the possibility of a genuine drugs being considered sub-standard or counterfeit.

  4. A New Alternative For Biologics Sterilization

    Many times, biologics don’t have viable options for sterilization due to their very delicate and complex properties. Peracetic Acid is a sterilization option that uses peracetic acid vapor (PAA) at room temperature so that delicate materials, such as biological implants, can be sterilized without damage.

  5. Understanding The Types Of Sterilization For Medical Device Components

    In order to better understand the different types of sterilization for medical device components we refer to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for a definition; "sterilization is the use of a physical or chemical process that destroys all microbial life including the bacterial endospores that are so highly resistant". By Rena Ivory, Crescent Industries, Inc.