Electronics White Papers, Case Studies, & Application Notes

  1. Safety In Medical Electrical Equipment Starts With The Power Input

    Electrical equipment used in medical technology must not place patients or medical staff in danger. This, in turn, requires that designing safe equipment starts at the point where the power is supplied. Power connectors and power entry modules with or without a power-line filter must fulfill the requirements of the base standard for medical electrical equipment, IEC/UL 60601-1.

  2. Robotic Rib Spreading Tool To Help Patients Hurt Less And Heal Faster

    One advanced technology company is taking on the challenge of developing hand-held, robotic surgical instruments to help patients hurt less and heal faster. High torque maxon motors ensure jerk-free movement of the tool. By Deb Setters, maxon precision motors; By Anja Schütz, maxon motor ag

  3. White Paper: Silicon Photomultiplier Detectors For Low Light Detection

    Low light detectors and multidetector imagers enable a wide range of applications ranging from cell imaging, biodiagnostic instrumentation, semiconductor wafer inspection, particle counting, nuclear medicine, radiation detection, and quantum cryptography, to low light imaging applications such as security cameras and light detection and ranging LIDAR systems. By SensL