Industry Perspectives - Design & Development

  1. From Startup To Major OEM: How Medtechs Can Embrace Connected Technologies

    As patient-centered care and mHealth have become driving forces in health care, digitally connected health technologies have emerged as a solution to engage patients and collect data. But patient and provider adoption of these devices can be a challenge.

  2. The Roadmap to Neurostimulation Democratization

    Though neurostimulation procedures have been performed for decades, recently, the improved understanding of neural circuitry has led to a desire for a new generation of neuromodulation devices.

  3. The Taiwanese Bone Graft Substitute Market: A Small, But Profitable Target

    With less than 25 million residents, Taiwan flies under the radar of many medical device manufacturers. However, the low penetration rate of bone graft substitutes and a rapidly aging population, make Taiwan a potentially lucrative target for orthopedic biomaterial manufacturers considering expansion in the Asia Pacific region.

  4. Grateful Patients Turn The Spotlight On You!

    When was the last time someone expressed gratitude for the work you do? I don’t just mean a simple “thank you” for completing a task or deliverable. I’m not even talking about receiving a bonus because your company hit its performance targets this past year. Being told “thank you” is important and getting a bonus is very nice, but I am talking about something deeper and more meaningful.

  5. Human Factors Align At The RAPS 2017 Regulatory Convergence

    Recently I had the privilege of co-presenting a session at the RAPS 2017 Regulatory Convergence with former colleagues from Regulatory & Quality Solutions (R&Q) and members of the FDA. Read more about the session here. 

  6. Can Better Diagnostics Cure Our Healthcare System?

    Perhaps no area of healthcare is experiencing more dynamic growth and providing more value for the money than diagnostic testing. According to an EvaluateMedTech report from last year, annual world-wide sales of in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are projected to swell to over $70 billion by the year 2022.

  7. Memory Recovery Device Takes Novel Approach To Alzheimer’s Disease

    Proposed implant provides a redundant backup system for the brain, offering hope to those at risk for Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia. 

  8. What Do I Need To Do To Be Popular? – A Medical-Grade Wearables Wish List

    The long-term vision for wearables in healthcare includes an active role restoring patient health, preventing certain diseases by promoting behavioral changes, and ultimately, promoting healthier lifestyles, leading to improved overall health.

  9. Bad Cardiac Rhythm Causes The Blues

    At least 2.7 million Americans are living with AFib, according the American Heart Association (AHA), and that number likely is close to 45 million people worldwide. What advances are being made in the management of this condition?

  10. 3 Eye-Opening Takeaways From The MedTech Conference

    Three speakers opened our ears, eyes, and minds at Healthegy’s Medtech Conference last month in Minneapolis. Two presentations provided input that reshaped my own long-held notions, while the third helped me to think about value-based outcomes from a more productive perspective.