John Giantsidis

John Giantsidis is the president of CyberActa, Inc, a boutique consultancy empowering medical device, digital health, and pharmaceutical companies in their cybersecurity, privacy, data integrity, risk, SaMD regulatory compliance, and commercialization endeavors. He is also a member of the Florida Bar’s Committee on Technology and a Cyber Aux with the U.S. Marine Corps. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Clark University, a Juris Doctor from the University of New Hampshire, and a Master of Engineering in Cybersecurity Policy and Compliance from The George Washington University. He can be reached at


  • Digital Health Apps In Europe — The Road To Reimbursement Goes Through Security

    In September, Spain’s National Cryptologic Center issued a road map to minimum security requirements for digital health applications and e-health mobile apps. This article highlights important recommendations from the 11 sections of the publication, serving as a preliminary checklist when preparing for market entry in Germany and/or Spain.