DSM Biomedical: “Solving our world’s healthcare needs through sustainable science.”

DSM Biomedical is committed to the research and development of sustainable technology delivering innovative novel biomaterial solutions.

Our Biomaterials technology portfolio includes:

  • UHMW Polyethylene (fiber, powder, and membrane): Clinical use in Orthopedics and Cardiovascular for 15+ years. Medical Grade UHMWPE fiber in compliance with today’s ASTM standard.  Gold standard for high strength Orthopedic sutures.
  • Collagen: best-in-class platform.  25 years of clinical use. Implanted in 40 million patients worldwide
  • Bioceramics: Leading Partner of biocomposite Orthopedic fixation.  150,000+ synthetic bone grafts manufactured annually
  • Drug Delivery Solutions: PolyEsterAmide (PEAs)-Bioresorbable platform supporting sustained drug delivery
  • Polyurethanes: 30 years of clinical history, 7 master file families at the FDA, over 10M CGM monitoring device used annually.
  • Hydrophilic Coatings: Hydrophilic single and duel layer technology
  • Extracellular Matrices: 3 distinct tissue for custom handling, 25 peer reviewed articles, sold commercially for over 10 years.
  • Cell Concentration: LAVA Technology yields greater than 7x platelet concertation with less than 3 minutes processing time.

Our 30 + years of biomaterials expertise expands multiple medical specialties (i.e. Orthopedics, Cardiovascular, Drug Delivery, Dental, and Diabetes).

We help our medical device and pharmaceutical Partners offer customized solutions meeting their individual needs and specifications.  Supporting you every step of the way, from ideation through full commercialization.

DSM Biomedical is unrivaled experts in biomaterial science, committed Partners driving sustainable innovation in healthcare.

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DSM Biomedical offers PurSil® Thermoplastic Silicone Polyether Polyurethane (TSPU), a novel copolymer that is strong yet flexible with proven biocompatibility and biostability. Because of its outstanding flexibility, oxidative stability, and thromboresistance, PurSil® TSPU is used in a wide range of medical devices, including ophthalmic, anastomotic, and continuous glucose monitoring.

DSM Biomedical’s Meso Wound Matrix™ Scaffold is a strong, thin acellular biologic dermal substitute designed to act as a support to the body’s regenerative tissue repair process during wound healing. It is derived from porcine peritoneum membrane and processed using DSM’s Optrix™ tissue cleansing methodology, optimized to remove antigens while preserving desirable tissue scaffold properties and components.

DSM Biomedical offers Medeor® Matrix Surgical Mesh with extracellular biologic for the reinforcement of soft tissue during the healing process. This non-crosslinked biologic mesh is ready to use right out of the pouch and has a long history of clinical performance in general surgical procedures for the reinforcement and repair of soft tissue where weakness exists.

DSM Biomedical offers best-in-class LAVA™ Cell Concentration Devices designed to deliver the fastest PRP and BMC processing in the smallest and lightest designs. The LAVA™ family of devices separates and concentrates biologic fluids to create supraphysiologic cell solutions such as platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow concentrate.

DSM Biomedical offers Elasthane™ Thermoplastic Polyether Polyurethane (TPU) as a high tensile strength, aromatic biomedical polymer with an exceptional combination of mechanical properties, biological compatibility, and outstanding hydrolytic stability.

DSM Biomedical’s Extracellular Matrix (ECM) OPTRIX technology is used to create natural and biologically friendly soft tissue scaffolds.

DSM Biomedical offers a variety of different medical-grade Ulteeva Purity® fibers for numerous medical applications, including medical devices in orthopedic trauma, medical implants, and other uses in the human body. These medical-grade fibers are 15 times stronger than steel at a similar weight, while maintaining increased flexibility and high pliability.

ColOSSIS™ from DSM Biomedical is an injectable, settable, drillable putty designed for remodeling bones. It offers improved handling in preparation and delivery and can be mixed with saline, blood, and bone marrow aspirate, allowing for an affordable, fast-remodeling, settable, and drillable biomimetic solution to fracture repair.

DSM Biomedical offers the best-in-medical grade collagen platform, trusted for its safety, performance, and ability to enhance medical device offerings. This fibrous and soluble collagen has been implanted in over 40 million patients over the past three decades. DSM manufactures collagen-based devices with a range of architecture, hydrophilicity, resorption time, and mechanical properties that address a wide array of regenerative medical applications.

DSM Biomedical offers ComfortCoat® hydrophilic lubricious coatings to help improve device performance in a wide range of applications and procedures, including cardiovascular and urology. Hydrophilic coatings are designed to enhance the handling of medical devices such as catheters by clinicians during insertion by maintaining lubricity throughout the procedure.

DSM’s CarboSil® Thermoplastic Silicone Polycarbonate Polyurethane (TSPCU) is a copolymer that combines the biocompatibility and biostability of conventional silicone elastomers with the processability and toughness of thermoplastic polycarbonate-urethanes. The silicone portion of CarboSil® TSPCU works synergistically with the polycarbonate component to improve stability. This medical-grade polymer is highly biocompatible and well suited to be used in many types of medical devices.

DSM offers BioSpan® Segmented Polyether Polyurethane (SPU) as a medical-grade polymer with excellent flex life for superior performance in many different types of medical devices. This elastomeric polymer has shown the ability to withstand millions of flex cycles.

DSM Biomedical offers a proven family of highly biocompatible, medical-grade polymers for use in long term medical implants. Bionate® Thermoplastic Polycarbonate Polyurethane (PCU) polymer family is one of the most extensively tested families of biomedical polymers and is backed by a comprehensive FDA Material Master File.

DSM Biomedical offers medical-grade Aliphatic Thermoplastic Polyether Polyurethane (ATPU) polymers designed with exceptional physical and biocompatibility properties, specifically for lower processing temperatures. The combination of high strength and elongation makes them ideal materials for temporary implant applications.

DSM Biomedical delivers a versatile and tunable hydrophilic polymer technology designed for adhesive applications. This technology mimics the proteins of marine mussels when they bond to underwater surfaces.

DSM Biomedical is a global leader in biomedical materials science with experience in creating advanced drug delivery technologies. Their proprietary bioresorbable polymers provide the foundation that enables biopharmaceutical companies to formulate implantable drug delivery systems for specific applications. This technology assists in the creation of platforms for medication delivery to precise target areas in the body, with controlled release from several days to multiple months.


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  • Gain insights into how medical polyurethanes are enhancing medical devices, improving patient outcomes, and driving innovation in the healthcare industry.

  • DSM Biomedical offers hydrophilic, lubricious, non-biofouling coating technologies. DSM offers ready-to-use coating reagents that can be applied onto a range of substrates using various coating techniques. This video gives a demonstration of the most widely used application process for DSM’s medical coatings, specifically a dipcoating with a UV curing process.

  • In this video, Drs. Gino Bradica and Jens Thies discuss how several different DSM technologies are being leveraged to help in the global response to the Covid-19 crisis.

  • In this video, Gino Bradica, PhD, Director of Technical Support, and Jens Thies, PhD, Senior Science Fellow, discuss how DSM is treating heart disease with its biostable and biocompatible polyurethanes and its high-strength and low-profile ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibers. These unique biomaterials offer sustainable solutions for the design of the next generation of heart valve replacements.

  • In this video, Gino Bradica, PhD, and Jens Thies discuss how DSM is managing diabetes with its polyurethane technology used in continuous glucose monitor sensors and its proprietary resorbable polyesteramide technology used in drug delivery.

  • In this video, Jens Thies and Gino Bradica, PhD, discuss how DSM is correcting scoliosis with its polyethylene technology, helping patients around the world.

  • In this video, Gino Bradica and Jens Thies discuss how DSM responds to the issue of treating infections, helping patients around the world.


  • A robust synthetic polymer platform based on naturally occurring amino acids, TheraPEA was designed to address limitations associated with the use of traditional polymeric materials.

  • DSM Biomedical's newest innovation provides partners in vascular interventions with a more sustainable, best-in-class quality coating, enabling significant operational efficiencies. Built on the superior performance of ComfortCoat® Dual Layer Coating, the ComfortCoat® Single Layer Coating is the fastest coating process in the industry and ideally used for vascular interventions. 

  • DSM introduces ComfortCoat® Single Layer coating for vascular interventions. This new, easy and ready-to-use product enables significant operational efficiencies while being more sustainable, coating faster and without any mixing required. 

  • PurSil® Thermoplastic Silicone Polyether Polyurethane (TSPU) is a novel copolymer that is strong yet flexible with proven biocompatibility and biostability. Because of its outstanding flexibility, oxidative stability and thromboresistance, PurSil® TSPU is used in a wide range of medical devices, including ophthalmic, anastomotic, and continuous glucose monitoring. 

  • DSM offers a variety of processes for a range of medical-grade polymers to provide specific physical properties and resultant biologic benefits.