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01.09.24 -- Can Aptamers In Wearable Sensors Mean A Revolution In Healthcare?


Can Aptamers In Wearable Sensors Mean A Revolution In Healthcare?

For decades, biosensor researchers dreamed about having affinity biosensors that were reversible, but most of us thought this was impossible. The key to achieving this? A new class of affinity biomolecule, the aptamer.


Moisture And Oxygen Risk In The Medical Device Industry

Learn how oxygen and moisture can be even more aggressive environmental contaminants than bacteria, what steps to take to guarantee product performance and patient safety, and more.

A Glass Package Designed Specifically For Pharmaceutical Use

A comprehensive solution for multiple glass quality issues that affect drug products is essential to avoid costly delays and drug product recalls, all while increasing patient safety.

Resonant Wireless Power Transfer In Implantable Medical Devices

Battery life and replacements can be problematic for implantable medical devices. Resonant wireless power transfer (RWPT) provides a safe and efficient solution.


How To Make The FDA Happy: 7 Medtech Design Pro Tips For Combination Products

Introduction To The New ASTM E3418, Standard Practice For Calculating Scientifically Justifiable Limits Of Residues For Cleaning Of Pharmaceutical And Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment And For Medical Devices

Understanding The FDA's New Medical Device Cybersecurity Guidelines

Growth Strategies Pushing The Next Wave Of Surgical Robotics

Measurement System Analysis Using Continuous Gage R&R Studies, Part 1


Advanced Tubing Retainers: Pharma+

Designed to secure tubing over hose barbs effortlessly, Pharma+ retainers feature a revolutionary lead-in ramp ensuring complete 360° compression to prevent leaks.


Made To Cure For Medical Devices

Steps For Proper Cleaning Validation

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