Newsletter | March 16, 2023

03.16.23 -- Human Factors Engineering Considerations For Med Device Packaging

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Jump Start Product Development With Rapid Prototyping

Injection molding and 3D printing are complementary techniques, not adversaries when it comes to prototyping. The use of one versus the other is purely situational.

Why It Is Never Too Early To Consider Tungsten Interactions

A key challenge to sensitive biotechnological or biologic drugs, especially proteins, is the potential presence of tungsten and tungsten oxides from the syringe forming process.

Why Super-Resolution Microscopy Benefits From Piezo Technology

Super-resolution microscopy is driving rapid advances in our understanding of many cellular processes and molecular interactions. The latest generation SRM systems are achieving spatial resolutions of around 20 nanometers, and the sub-nanometer positioning precision offered by current piezo-based drives will help to increase this resolution even further.

Polymer Solution Casting – Enhanced Performance From A Single-Piece Device

Nordson MEDICAL is the world's leading contract manufacturer of cardiopulmonary vascular cannulae, catheters, and specialized medical tubing for a wide range of clinical applications. The key is our Avalon polymer solution casting technology, which allows us to design and manufacture custom tubing with features not achievable by conventional extrusion, injection molding, or common layup techniques. 

Innovating To Improve Outcomes In Heart Valve Replacement

A technology company using modeling tools to help their customers improve the design, safety, and efficacy of medical devices tailored to individual patients uses simulation solutions to help clinicians and medical device manufacturers customize patient treatment.

ISO 8655:2022 “Piston-Operated Volumetric Apparatus” FAQs

Read the FAQs and learn, for example, what the revision of ISO contains and the differences with the previous version. 

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