Materials News

  1. Use Low-Cost Materials To Increase Target Emissivity

    Clean, unoxidized, bare metal surfaces have such low emissivity that they are difficult to measure with a thermal imaging camera. This application note describes how to use a variety of low-cost materials to increase target emissivity in many industrial R&D and electrical applications.

  2. A PEEK Into The Future

    With the paradigm shift in patient treatment from surgical-based procedures to minimally invasive surgeries, extrusion advancements in invasive medical devices and procedural-based innovation are occurring on a daily basis.

  3. PEEK Polymer Enables Breakthrough In Intervertebral Joint Fusion Technology

    Solvay Specialty Polymers, a leading global supplier of high-performance polymers, announced recently that Vertera Spine, a pioneer in advanced functional surface technologies for spine applications, chose its Zeniva polyetheretherketone (PEEK) polymer to develop PEEK Scoria, a novel porous surface technology for stable, cost-effective intervertebral joint fusion.