Industry Insights

  1. Designing Interface Electronics For Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors Of The XYA Series

    This application note describes the basic building blocks needed to create an interface circuit for the XYA series sensors if not using on of First Sensor’s ZBXYA interface boards for sensor control and conditioning.

  2. Operating Principle And Construction Of Zirconium Dioxide Oxygen Sensors Of The XYA Series

    This application note presents the background operating principle of the ZrO2 XYA series sensors. It also covers the design and construction of the series, as well as the functions of each part included.

  3. Strategies And Standards For Medical Device Signal Detection

    CDRH has announced four long-term strategies to strengthen its National System for Medical Device Post-Market Surveillance that correlate with medical device signal detection. These strategies improve the collection, analysis, synthesis, and action of medical device benefit-risk assessments. 

  4. Keys To Bioabsorbable Process Development: Consistency And Control

    A medical device company developed a bioabsorbable fixation design and concept that was commended by many surgeons in the industry. Unfortunately, after several years of working with a reputable molder, there was limited consistency and success in producing the part that was in their original drawings. MTD assisted the company by guiding them through material characterization and the development of a unique tooling construction concept to reduce secondary operations. MTD’s micromolded parts achieved minimal and consistent IV loss and were much more consistent shot to shot.

  5. Micro Molding With Bioabsorbables: Not Your Average Thermoplastics

    Micro medical components can be manufactured with a variety of materials, most of which are thermoplastics or bioabsorbables. This paper covers the benefits of micro molding with bioabsorbables, as well as information on different material types and considerations for bioabsorbable success.

  6. Can Your Laser Micro Drilling System Do All This?

    The recent introduction of 5-axis laser micro drill system expands the limits of micrometer range drilling. Canon’s unique technology creates flexible hole shapes and wider angles at significantly higher processing speeds. Stent production, injector hole drilling and micromachining will benefit.

  7. How To Uncover The Hidden Value Of Culture In Supplier Selection

    The business pain of switching suppliers, both in terms of costs and revalidation time, heightens the importance of making the right decision the first time.

  8. Can Drug Device Manufacturers Achieve Operational Excellence Through A Digital Facility?

    Information gathered in a manufacturing environment equips a facility with the tools to react to issues in real time and respond more quickly to customer requests.

  9. Remove Headaches By Choosing The Right Medial Plastics Molder

    Medtech developers are constantly looking for ways to save money without compromising a product’s performance. The industry also is under increased scrutiny in terms of quality, regulatory requirements, and environmental sustainability for not just the finished product, but the entire supply chain. 

  10. 3 Consideration When Designing Injection-Molded Parts With Rapid Overmolding

    Rapid overmolding sidesteps assembly hassles, simplifies product design, and can improve the characteristics of many injection-molded parts.