Industry Insights

  1. A Sense Of Vision: Using On-Demand Production Components To Develop And Launch Wearable Technology For The Blind

    Helping the blind to "see" through the use of the tongue may be an outlandish idea, but it is now a real science, thanks to the BrainPort V 100. This article discusses the new device, created by a med device company, which is designed to enable users to process visual images with tongue stimulation.

  2. What A Successful CMO For Diagnostic Consumables Looks Like

    The intricacy of emerging diagnostic consumables necessitates manufacturing competencies that span a wide range of disciplines. As diagnostic companies continue to develop complex consumables, the need for a strong relationship with a consumable diagnostics CMO specializing in everything from early product design to final product manufacturing will become increasingly more important.

  3. Overcoming the Hurdles of Microfluidics Point-of Care Devices

    Microfluidic Point-of-Care device technology is intersecting multiple disciplines such as materials science, systems engineering, physics, chemistry and biology. The design and manufacturing of such products require a comprehensive array of abilities, and these technologies funneled into compact devices offer an exciting foundation for innovation.

  4. Balancing Technologically Advanced Products and Thrifty Healthcare Consumers

    Developers of diagnostics devices are faced with the ever-increasing challenge of balancing the drive to create technologically advanced products with the pressures of today’s thrifty healthcare consumers. During the innovation process, the question often arises as to what level of regulation a diagnostic product needs to be designed, manufactured, and tested to. This article provides a brief overview of the requirements and considerations for the clinical diagnostic innovations.

  5. Shift From Central Lab To POC

    As new technologies work to change the market space, this article takes a look at the market forces that are helping and hindering the shift to zero wait time for patient test results. Comprehensive analysis of both test settings allows for better understanding of the diagnostic landscape as it exists today, offering insight to both product and process innovations for your next generation product.

  6. Growing And Emerging Product Trends In The Diagnostics Market

    There are distinct product trends in the IVD market segments that provide insight into the future product landscape. In this article, the author discusses some real-world examples of technologies that could ultimately lead the way to more defined operating segments and fewer but larger players.

  7. FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Researchers Monitor And Evaluate Joining Techniques

    New composite materials such as carbon are being used more frequently in many markets such as automotive, aircraft, and railway manufacturing. These materials can offer benefits for the design and production of vehicles including higher performance levels or lighter weights, but also come with challenges in terms of manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance. Researchers at the Laboratory for Materials and Joining Technology (LWF) are focusing on the development of joining techniques for these composite materials.

  8. Investing In People: An Insider's View Of Medtech Philanthropy

    MDO spoke with Marissa Fayer, a 15-year veteran of the medical device industry, about the role of philanthropic work (and organizations) in emerging markets and other regions yet to reach their full medtech market potential, as well as the benefits for communities and manufacturers. 

  9. A Look At The 2016 Partnership Opportunities In Drug Delivery (PODD) Conference

    Last week's Partnership Opportunities in Drug Delivery (PODD) conference presented a strategic-level program for pharma and biotech business development professionals, providing them with a platform to present their technologies and offering networking time, facilities, and services to establish new business contacts and enhance existing ones. Here's a brief look at a few of the event highlights.

  10. Infrared Cameras: Advanced Temperature Measurement For Today’s Breakthrough Medical Research

    The versatility, affordability, and high performance of IR cameras are provide a powerful remedy to gaining accurate temperature measurements in medical discoveries. Embracing these increasingly nimble measurement tools, the medical research community today is bringing IR cameras to the forefront of discovery and insight, unlocking tomorrow’s breakthrough treatments.